JSR 250 (Common Annotations) approved: Why?

Just these days, JSR 250 has been approved in the public review ballot. Only IBM voted with "no".

I cannot understand the process entirely. Here are my reasons (also see my former entries JSR 250 (Common Annotations): Opinion and Is JSR 250 already mature?)

Some weeks ago, exactly on 2005-06-25, I send several pages of suggestions to jsr-250-comments@jcp.org (the mail given to do so). No answer, nothing. On 2005.07-21, I asked the spec. leader, Rajiv Mordani, at rajiv.mordani@sun.com to give me an explanation, why there is no answer to a well-meant, reasonable suggestion and contribution to JSR 250. Again, no answer, nothing. This is very frustrating for someone who spent several hours thinking and writing something to enhance the JSR 250 in its current form. I regard the JSR 250 as weak, premature and not acceptable in common. The comment of IBM gives at least *some* hint about the validity of my opinion.
Also, the concrete suggestions stated by individuals in a discussion about the first draft were not recognized and/or not considered.

I await the effect of the JSR to the community eagerly. Will the community accept and use the common annotations? I don't think so. But let's wait...

A frustrated blogger and neutralized JSR participant...

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