RobocodeJGAP 0.2.5 released

Robocode is a game. There is a playfield in which two virtual robots fight against each other. A robot can perform certain actions, like moving around, scanning the environment, shooting and turning the gun. Robocode notified a robot if a significant event occurs, including: scanned the opponent, hit a wall, hit by a bullet or hit the opponent.

RobocodeJGAP enables JGAP to generate code for robots playing at Robocode. JGAP produces pure Java code by means of the so-called Genetic Programming. This new version enhances the evolution process and thus enables to find better robots. The newest Robocode version 1.4.9 is supported and integrated.

Check out details about RobocodeJGAP.

JGAP 3.3 released (Java Genetic Algorithms Package)

JGAP is a sophisticated Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.3 is a stability release, it includes the following:

  • Integrated Robocode 1.4.8 with JGAP
  • Added persistent representations of GPPopulation,
    GPProgram, ProgramChromosome and CommandGene
  • Enhanced interface IProgramCreator
  • GPProgram: added a growOrFull method for initializing
    programs with given chromosomes
  • CommandGene: added service method ensureUniqueness
  • Now infinity is not accepted as a fitness value
  • New method getAssignableFromClass in BaseGPChromosome
  • New interface IComplexCommand for declaring GP commands
    as complex
  • Enhanced DefaultGPFitnessEvaluator: capable of handling
    IllegalStateException's (for wrong programs)
  • Enhanced GPProgram: capable of handling
    IllegalStateException's (for wrong programs)
  • Enhanced GPGenotype.outputSOlution()
  • Fixed serious bug with GP mutation of functions
  • Fixed bug with GP evolution (probability fix)
  • Fixed Java 6 bug with MathProblem
  • Fixed bug in GPProblem.createTree
  • Fixed bug in DynamicMutationExample
  • Enhanced logging of GP information
  • Enhanced Javadoc
  • Added some unit tests

This release can be downloaded here:

For more information visit the JGAP homepage at http://jgap.sourceforge.net

Klaus Meffert for the JGAP team