JGAP 2.6 released

Some days ago, JGAP 2.6 has been released. JGAP is a genetic algorithms package, which is easy to use and which is delivered with ready-to-use components, such as genetic operators, selectors and examples.

Try it out now!

In the CVS you already find code to solve problems using Genetic Programming (see directory gp-src).

Feedback is very welcome :-)
PS: The German junit book references JGAP several times when it comes to sample projects utilizing JUnit.


Common Annotations for Java (JSR 250) shamefully approved

After several protests of mine to avoid the finalization of JSR 250 (Common Annotations for Java), now the Executive Commitee has shamefully approved that JSR.

Thanx Doug Lea for adding a comment to his vote the first time I can remember. He wrote: "Underwhelming but innocuous". Then, Doug, you better voted with "No", please. That would have raised your reputation a lot...

Anyone, please read the lousy specification and judge for yourself. Or, as Apache Foundation commented its vote: "I hope there's enough production-tested, real-world experience behind this... :)".

I think there's a general problem with the JSR process (or the EC members) if the committee members vote as they did yesterday!