JGAP 3.01 released: Grid functionality

JGAP is a genetic algorithms and genetic programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.01 adds grid functionality to the code base of release 3.0. With that you can build your own grid in LANs.
A grid hosts a server, one to many workers, and one to many clients. A client can send work requests to the server, which in turn splits the work and provides the workers with corresponding tasks. After a worker finished a task the result is sent back to the server, which finally sends each received result back to the requesting client. The package used for grid functionality is jcgrid, another open source project.

This release can be downloaded here:

For more information visit http://jgap.sourceforge.net


JGAP 3.0final released

Today, JGAP 3.0final has been released. JGAP is a genetic algorithms and genetic programming package, which is easy to use and which is delivered with ready-to-use components, such as genetic operators, selectors and examples.

Try it out now, this version contains many improvements.

Feedback is very welcome :-)