JGAP goes Robocode

Newest developments and a great user feedback made JGAP play together with Robocode.
Robocode is a platform for letting compete programs (robots) by moving around, scanning the environment and shooting each other virtually.
JGAP is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming (GP) Package for Java and is open-source.
It is used to evolve a robot program code as good as possible by using the GP functionality of JGAP. This is time-consuming but results are quite impressive! In the future, the JGAP Grid functionality will enable distributed evolution of complex and thus hopefully successful robocode's :-)


Sourceforge CVS is stuck with WinCVS

For several weeks now I noticed great difficulties when trying to access the sourceforge CVS of my project with WinCVS (any version!). Don't get me wrong, it worked for years! But since a while I even get a long delay on WinCVS startup. Not to mention the really long time it takes checking in something.

OK, it could be that my system's configuration is not playing together with sf's CVS. But why, then, does Tortoise CVS work great on my system?

Some forum posts in the internet recommend removed the tcl84.dll reference but this is not a problem on my computer! Another post talked about a sf IP address of the blacklist. However, can anybody tell me what's going on there?


JGAP 3.1 released

JGAP is a Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.1 is a quality improvement release.
It considers multiple user feedback by consolidating the grid functionality, fixing several bugs, introducing a lot of new unit tests, and enhancing the logic of many classes.

This release can be downloaded here:

For more information visit http://jgap.sourceforge.net

Klaus Meffert for the JGAP team

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