LINQ is great but is 20 years too late

LINQ is the Language-Integrated Query. Microsoft has the LINQ project running for integrating database queries into C#. Sort of looks like this (example taken from DevelopMentor):

IEnumerable < Product > prodQuery =
from p in db.Products
where p.Category.CategoryName == "Beverages"
select p;

Sort of this is what I'm missing for long in Java!!!
Before getting to euphoric about the idea behind LINQ, one should consider a solid and very mature system as SAP (to be exact: the SAP base module, BC).
SAP' native language ABAP supports direct query code to be part of an original ABAP code. I think this is possible since about 20 years.

Congrats to Microsoft and others for not recognizing the need for language-integrated database queries earlier. At leats LINQ adds an additional benefit for querying collections in an SQL-like manner.


JGAP 3.2.2 released: Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming Package

JGAP is a Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming Package which allows to utilize evolutionary algorithms for solving complex problems.
Version 3.2.2 of the open source Java enginge is out now!

Many examples included as well as a cool Robocode sub project.

RobocodeJGAP 0.2.1 published

RobocodeJGAP is a genetic programming approach to evolve full-blown Java programs, acting as virtual robots on the popular Robocode platform.

RobocodeJGAP utilizes the genetic algorithms enginge JGAP.

For more information on RobocodeJGAP see http://jgap.sourceforge.net/doc/robocode/robocode.html

Or see further information about Robocode