LINQ is great but is 20 years too late

LINQ is the Language-Integrated Query. Microsoft has the LINQ project running for integrating database queries into C#. Sort of looks like this (example taken from DevelopMentor):

IEnumerable < Product > prodQuery =
from p in db.Products
where p.Category.CategoryName == "Beverages"
select p;

Sort of this is what I'm missing for long in Java!!!
Before getting to euphoric about the idea behind LINQ, one should consider a solid and very mature system as SAP (to be exact: the SAP base module, BC).
SAP' native language ABAP supports direct query code to be part of an original ABAP code. I think this is possible since about 20 years.

Congrats to Microsoft and others for not recognizing the need for language-integrated database queries earlier. At leats LINQ adds an additional benefit for querying collections in an SQL-like manner.

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Unknown said...

Check this out: http://andersnoras.com/blogs/anoras/archive/2007/09/11/introducing-quaere-language-integrated-queryies-for-java.aspx