JGAP 3.3 released (Java Genetic Algorithms Package)

JGAP is a sophisticated Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.3 is a stability release, it includes the following:

  • Integrated Robocode 1.4.8 with JGAP
  • Added persistent representations of GPPopulation,
    GPProgram, ProgramChromosome and CommandGene
  • Enhanced interface IProgramCreator
  • GPProgram: added a growOrFull method for initializing
    programs with given chromosomes
  • CommandGene: added service method ensureUniqueness
  • Now infinity is not accepted as a fitness value
  • New method getAssignableFromClass in BaseGPChromosome
  • New interface IComplexCommand for declaring GP commands
    as complex
  • Enhanced DefaultGPFitnessEvaluator: capable of handling
    IllegalStateException's (for wrong programs)
  • Enhanced GPProgram: capable of handling
    IllegalStateException's (for wrong programs)
  • Enhanced GPGenotype.outputSOlution()
  • Fixed serious bug with GP mutation of functions
  • Fixed bug with GP evolution (probability fix)
  • Fixed Java 6 bug with MathProblem
  • Fixed bug in GPProblem.createTree
  • Fixed bug in DynamicMutationExample
  • Enhanced logging of GP information
  • Enhanced Javadoc
  • Added some unit tests

This release can be downloaded here:

For more information visit the JGAP homepage at http://jgap.sourceforge.net

Klaus Meffert for the JGAP team

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