JSR 250 (Common Annotations): Opinion

The public review of the JSR 250 (Common Annotations for the Java Platform) has been published on June, 21st. After looking thru the list of annotations provided, I felt somewhat puzzled. IMHO, there is no clear line visible, no clear concept recognizable on which the selection of the annotation proposals is based.
I will write another entry soon explaining in more detail what I have written to the JSR 250 expert group as my proposal on how the annotations of this JSR should be choosen.

From my point of view, this JSR should mostly (exclusively?) contain annotations that are of common interest and are context free. One could joke about whether annotations specifically designed for J2EE could ever be of common interest. At least they are not context free.

Context free means in this context (intentional word repetition :-) ) that the thing annotated is context free. Take Design Patterns for example. They provide a context free concept of how to improve the architecture of your software system to allow for easier maintenance and better documentation of it.

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