Physics and Computer Science

As I discussed in a former entry, Why Quantum Theory is important for Object Orientation, I see a connection, a conceptual link between physics and computer science.

That I am not alone with this opinion, although it might sound strange at first, could be seen by the article of G√ľnther Meinhold: Einstein 2005: Modell und Wirklichkeit (model and reality), unfortunately for all non-German speaking people in a foreign language ;-)

The author draws the following comparisons, which I might be allowed to translate for showing the main idea behind the article:

PhysicsComputer Science
Models of real objectsModels of the software product to develop
Models demonstrate how Nature worksModels show how the future software product works
Physical modelLogical object model
Mathematical modelDesign object model
Mathematical calculationCreation/Development of source code
Mathematical results for measurable physical parametersExecutable source code with testable functionality
Experiments and observations as test basis for the models and their resultsTest of the functionality of the software against the product requirements

Yeahhh! I am not the only one out there believing in physics influencing computer science.

Anyone out there who doesn't love Einstein? Can't think so (he is not the father of the atom bomb, btw., please don't argue this way).

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