JSR 220 compared to JSR 250

Recently, I wrote about JSR 250, having a poor quality IMHO. Apologies for writing again about it, but as I saw the draft of JSR 220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0), I felt the force to do so.

Just have a look at the public review available. It is structured so clearly, wonderful! The goals are stated in a clear, extensive way at the beginning of the document. Such could be expected of any JSR. Then read JSR 250. Be sure to also check the comments given in the public review ballot of JSR 220 and of JSR 250. Notice the slight difference. For JSR 220, JBoss congratuated "to the JSR-220 EG for delivering such a quality specification." This is the first time I read such positive comments for a JSR (maybe I did review too few of them, who knows).

Several thoughts came to my mind after the comparison:
  • The importance of a JSR will probably influence its quality.
  • The person leading the specification will have a great influence on the later outlook and quality of the JSR.
  • As some persons participated in both JSR's, it's unlikely that they influenced the work significantly.

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