Visions for Evolutionary Algorithms

Browing sourceforge and other open-source platforms, you find myriads of free software packages. Many of them have a glance of sophistication. But what about their practical use? An article from these days states that the NSA is in high need of a capable software tool that can identify information having a potential of being valuable. The NSA wants to "connect dots" and needs informatics to do so.

These classification problems are among the most interesting ones I could imagine nowadays (in my role as a computer scientist and "informaniac"). What I think would help bringing up a solution is Evolutionary Algorithms (EA). EA's align with nature, evolution based on Charles Darwin and inheritance from Gregor Mendel. Part of the EA approach is Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Genetic Programming (GP). The currently developed GA framework, JGAP (Java Gentic Algorithms Package), helps accomplishing both concepts. Work is currently undertaken to develop GP by adapting GA and infusing more flexibility to it.

If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to go to the sourceforge site of JGAP to see project information, or use the project homepage submitting several information about GA's of general interest.

A valuable resource about Genetical Engineering can be found in wired magazine with their article Life, Reinvented.

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