5 Books for Java Developers

R.J. Lorimer posted his suggestions for 5 books that should be noticed by Java developers.
As I am coping mainly with software architecture and Design Patterns, my list is sort of related with that. Additionally, I read several books on different topics (e.g. Streamlined Object Modelling) which I would not recommend here.

Here is my list as I have quite different suggestions than R.J.:

Test-Driven Development by Example
The classical book from Kent Beck, well written, giving great insights into the concept of TDD: Even if you don't follow the XP paradigm "test first" but do the tests after the coding (I do it after the skeletton has been finished) it helps very much getting a good start.

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Software
The hyperclassical book on Design Patterns. IMO, it is not a really great book concerning the usefulness for Java developers as the examples are presented for Smalltask or C++ mostly. Additionally, it is kind of outdated. But if you want to claim knowing about Design Patterns this is a must-read.

The Pragmatic Programmer
Really cool book with a unique content. Check it out!

Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Software Development
Another book covering the topic of Design Patterns. Centered on frameworks and seeing DP's from a quite different perspective than is usual. More a recommendation for people really trying to dig in deeply with the subject.

The Timeless Way of Building
A non computer science book from the architect Christopher Alexander. Well know in academic circles but a tip for anyone who wants to get a new insight on software archtiecture.

You find these books at your favorite bookstore. I don't want to link to any commercial store here.

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