JGAP 3.3.1 released - Java Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming Package

JGAP is a sophisticated Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming package written in Java.

JGAP version 3.3.1 is a feature enrichment release.

For the first time, the XStream library is used for serialization issues, making such much more convenient.
Besides, the fast and stable trove4j map implementation is utilized. With that, unit tests relying on maps now don't fail any longer due to specific Java 6 map implementations.
Genetic Programming capabilities have been enhanced a lot, including better cloning support for GA and GP entities.
Robocode 1.5 has been integrated with JGAP in the RobocodeJGAP sibling project.
Besides, some bugs have been fixed, some unit tests were added, Javadoc has been improved and naming conventions of test classes have been enforced for a better Maven support.

This release can be downloaded here.

For more information visit the JGAP homepage

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