Sourceforge in trouble?

For every sourceforge project there is a nice usage statistics reflecting the number of page views and downloads per day (or other time spans if you want).

But since January, 15th, over one month ago, no further statistical data is shown.

Sourceforge knows about this and informs that they are going onto a new statistics system:

"Project statistics data for 2005 that is omitted will not be processed until launch of the new statistics system. This data has been collected, but has not been processed for display. To ensure accuracy and reduce performance impact to users, these dates will be omitted until the new statistics system is launched. There is not currently a date set for the rollout of the new stats system. Please keep an eye here for that date when we release it."

What I wonder about is the amount of time necessary to do so. One month is about beyond any basis for discussion, I strongly believe. There must be a deeper reason and not just small problems that arose when doing the job.

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